As medical professionals know, full well, plastic surgery is not always just for aesthetics. Physical health benefits can, and often do, accompany many procedures. Periodontal plastic surgery is a popular and beneficial option for patients looking to improve their smile, yet it is also an important means of treating such anomalies as gingival recession and root exposure, “gummy” smile, and atrophy in the gums and jawbone after tooth loss. To maximize esthetic restorative potential, the gingival tissue and bone surrounding a dental restoration must be sufficient.

Over 30 years ago, the concept of a plastic surgery study club first came about at the American Academy of Periodontology’s Annual Meeting.  In 1987 P.D. Miller’s classification of marginal concept of periodontal plastic surgery was new, and a group of talented and inquisitive clinicians decided to form a club to delve further into the realm of oral plastic surgery. Initially, the study club was limited to 20 clinicians who would give presentations on various aspects of mucogingival surgery. In addition to Drs. Nordland and Miller, some of the early participants were such renowned leaders in periodontics as Drs. Jay Siebert, Gary Maynard, Pat Allen, Herman Corn, Jim Mellonig, Ron Nevins, Burt Langer, Bob Shallhorn, and Randy Harris.

The interest and focus of the group expanded as international dentists and educators expressed interest in joining. Dr. Yoshihiro Ono from Japan joined the group, bringing with him a contingent of Japanese dentists to the organization’s annual meeting. Dr. Peter Raetzke from Germany, who published on the subepithelial connective tissue graft, became an active participant. Before long, what had been known as the periodontal plastic surgery study club became the International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons (ISPPS), and membership was opened to surgeons interested in periodontal plastic surgery.

Under the present authors’ leadership, ISPPS is currently comprised of dental specialists throughout the world, most of whom are full-time clinicians and educators. The society meets annually the day before the AAP annual meeting to present new, innovative and, often unpublished material and techniques or modifications/refinements to existing techniques in the field of periodontal plastic and reconstructive surgery, aimed at improving overall esthetics to the benefit of patients long-term. Lively and stimulating, these presentations are limited to 15 minutes, with 5 to 10 minutes for discussion, a format that has proven to be very popular. This format allows  many ideas to be presented in a brief period. The group’s passion is to disseminate this information while mentoring younger members of the organization.

ISPPS welcomes new members who have an interest in periodontal plastic surgery. In addition, students in periodontal residency programs are encouraged to attend the annual meeting. Fellowship in the ISPPS is attained after presenting to the group at five meetings.

With new technology come new surgical treatments that are achievable and predictable. Working with the restorative dentist, the periodontal plastic surgeon can enhance treatment, with the patient being the ultimate beneficiary.

The 2018 ISPPS will take place Friday, October 26 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Please click here to attend the 2018 meeting.

Dr. Peter Nordland, Dr. P.D. Miller, Dr. Robert Levine


Dr. Peter Nordland, President
Dr. P.D. Miller as Past President
Dr. Robert Levine, Vice-President
Dr. Pat Allen, Secretary
Dr. Yoshihiro Ono as Head of International Affairs



E. Pat Allen

Sandy Allen

Jennifer Doobrow

Jeffrey Ganeles

Mitchell Godat
Randy Harris

Mitsuharu Inoko
Robert A.Levine

Tokuo Matsui

Brad McAllister
P.D. Miller
Peter Nordland

Lauralee Nygaard
Yoshihiro Ono
Mike Pikos
Peter Raetzke

Takeshi Sasaki
Bob Schallhorn

Michael Sonick

Yasuhiro Takai

Hiroyuki Takino

Jeff Thomas

Pat Allen
David Anson
Robert Azzi
Caitlyn Bell
Christen Bergman
Monish Bhola
Brian Brancheau
Julius Bunek
Bobby Butler
Jose Carlos Martins de Rosa
Leandro Chambrone
Mike Curry
Jennifer Doobrow
John Dzakovich
Kathleen Eisen
Daniel Etienne
Alan Farber
Jeff Flemming
Paul Fugazzotto
Jeffrey Ganeles
David Garber
Mitch Godat
D. Gopalakrishnan
Emily Hahn
Laura Harris-Vieyra

Fadi Hasen
Ted Hirose
Robert “Bobby” Horowitz
Nina Icke
Karin Jepsen
Sören Jepsen
Joe Kan
Dwayne Karateew
Tom Kepic
Neal Lehrman
Sonia Leziy
Brendan R. Lopez
Aleem Manji
Eduardo Marcuschamer
Philip Marsden
Matthew Mason
Dave Matthews
Bradley McAllister
Pam McClain
Adriana McGregor
Joerg Meyle
Kevin Murphy
Lloyd Nattkemper
Joseph Nemeth
Marc Nevins
Kirk Noraian

GianCarlo Nosenzo
Colin Richman
Jeanne Salcetti
Harinder Sandhu
Bradley Scott
Dennis Shanelec
Lee Silverstein
Arnold Sindler
Steve Smith
Mike Sonick
Laura M. Souza
Henry Takei
Dennis Tarnow
Dimitris Tatakis
Jeremy Toscano
Cheryl Townsend
Saturo Urano
Steve Wallace
Clive Waterman
Tom Wilcko
Ralph Wilson

President’s Award Winners

2019 Dennis Shanelec

2017  Dr. PD Miller

2016.  Dr. Peter Nordland

2015 Dr. Yoshihiro Ono

2014  Dr. Andrew Allen 

2013  Dr. Peter B Raetzke

2012 Dr. Randall J. Harris

2011   Dr. Robert Schallhorn