International Society of

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Membership

Doctors are invited to attend one of our annual meetings and each meeting is by invitation only. These meetings take place the day prior to the American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting in the specific host city.


Upon invitation, should you desire membership, you are encouraged to submit a possible topic for review. Once your program is reviewed and deemed suitable, you will be invited to present. Presentations are 15 minutes in length with five additional minutes for questions and answers. After giving a presentation, the doctor can be invited to become a member.

Following five presentations the doctor will then have attained Fellowship status with the ISPPS and may use that designation on their credentials.


Annual Membership is $200. This fee also covers your attendance at the Annual Session for that year. Membership is by invitation only. You may request meeting attendance, but you will need to receive an invitation to join the ISPPS.


If you have received an invitation for membership please click the link you received in an email from our main offices.


Should you wish to request attendance at our Annual Session, which takes place November 1, 2019, in Chicago, IL, please submit your information through the form below.

With new technology come new surgical treatments that are achievable and predictable. Working with the restorative dentist, the periodontal plastic surgeon can enhance treatment, with the patient being the ultimate beneficiary.