32nd Annual Session of the ISPPS
Speaker List


Mitch Godat

Impacted Teeth Treated with Wilckodontics

Mitsuharu Inoko

A Modified VISTA Technique

Jim Janakievski

Innovative Soft Tissue Grafting for Deficiencies at Implant Sites

Karin Jepsen

Successful Vital Root Resection/Socket Preservation Procedure

Alina Krivitski

Use of PRF with Gingival Augmentation

Hideto Masuda
Guided Bone Regeneration and CTG using vestibular vertical incision

Mike McDevitt

Free Gingival Graft for Mandibular Anterior Lingual Sites

Satoko Ono

Japanese Vs. U.S. Dentistry: The Differences

Michael Pikos

Pedicle Tunnel Connective Tissue Graft

Hiroyuki Takino

Verification of the Effectiveness of Growth Factors in Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Jeff Thomas

AutoTome…A Replacement for the Periotom

Sung-hui Wang

Treatment of Multiple Tooth Gingival Recessions with CTG

Homa Zadeh

A Twist on the Vista Technique


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Registration: 7:30am-8am

Program Starts: 8:00am

Lunch 12:00pm

Close of Meeting: 3:30pm

Cocktail Reception: 3:30pm-5:30pm

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